The Canvassing Continues in Brightwood!

D.C. for the People volunteers spent Wednesday evening hitting the streets of Brightwood to spread the word about the campaign.  Read more...

Response to the D.C. Council Legislative Session

Read Eugene and the Campaign's response here...

Eugene Speaks at the National Black United Front

From July 10-13th, the National Black United Front had its 35th National Convention. Read more...

D.C. for the People demands: Full rights for all immigrants!

The oppressive federal immigration system hurts D.C.'s immigrant communities every day. This includes many undocumented youth and children in D.C. and the metro area. From limited eligibility for visas and work authorization, to the high cost of immigration applications and attorneys, to detention and deportation, the struggles of D.C.'s immigrant communities must urgently be addressed.  Read more

Change the name now!

Click here to read a statement from Eugene about his position on changing the racist name of Washington's football team

A 4th of July filled with outreach

D.C. for the People took every opportunity over the holiday to reach out to voters about Eugene’s campaign.  Read more

Speakout in Columbia Heights

Last Saturday, June 28, D.C. for the People volunteers hit the streets in Columbia Heights for a speakout, talking with community members and letting them know about Eugene’s campaign.  Read more

FY2015 budget is a 'giveaway to the wealthy'

The D.C. Council budget for fiscal year 2015 has once again demonstrated that corporate dominance f the D.C. Council is a given. While some of the proposed tax relief was welcome, lifting some of the burden on middle-income residents was used as a smokescreen for a giveaway to the wealthy and in increase in regressive sales taxes. Read more

D.C. for the People attends TENAC meeting

The D.C. for the People campaign went to a town hall meeting organized by tenants’ rights organization TENAC to spread the word about D.C. for the People on June 26. Read More...

Taxi drivers stand up for fairness

Today, D.C. for the People turned out in support for the District’s taxi drivers as they protested against unfairly under-regulated ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. The protest, organized by the D.C. Taxi Operators Association, which is affiliated with the Teamsters Union, was unmissable in downtown D.C. Read more...

A busy Saturday: Free Her Rally, no war on Iraq and community events!

D.C. for the People had a very busy and successful Saturday getting the word out about Eugene Puryear’s campaign for Council At-Large! Eugene and volunteers talked with hundreds of voters, many of whom signed up to become volunteers themselves.  Read more...

A Clean D.C. for the People

The D.C. for the People Campaign volunteers were very happy to join with other Congress Heights residents and concerned citizens from around the area to help the Shepherd Park cleanup effort. Read more...

Tax the Rich, Not Yoga!

As proposed the FY 2015 budget contains a significant expansion of sales taxes on a range of services from fitness clubs (including yoga studios) to bowling alleys. Statehood Green Party candidates for office firmly oppose this sales tax expansion. In our view this is a faux-populist attempt to cover up tax cuts for the wealthy, and tax loopholes for Wall St. in the FY 2015 budget proposal. Read more....

If Seattle, Why Not D.C.?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Eugene Puryear, the D.C. Statehood Green Party's nominee for At-Large Member of City Council, called for enactment of a $15 minimum wage for all working people in the District of Columbia. Read more...

Opposing Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry at Wilson Pride

On June 9, a major outpouring of community support upstaged an attempt by the bigoted Westboro Baptist Church to picket Wilson High School in Ward 3. In the wake of the death of their founder, Fred Phelps, Westboro was looking to keep its profile high by appearing at various events surrounding Pride celebrations in D.C. They decided to target Wilson because of that school’s Pride Day, which led up to this past weekend’s parade and festival. Read More...

Standing with Walmart Workers

On June 6, scores of people demonstrated in support for Walmart workers’ rights to higher wages, regular hours, union representation and dignified workplace treatment. The demonstrators represented a constellation of progressive groups, all united in solidarity with Walmart workers and the Our Walmart campaign. Read More...

Capital Pride and an Equal D.C. for the People

Eugene Puryear and the D.C. for the People Campaign hit the streets hard at Capital Pride this weekend. We had an energetic and impressive contingent in the Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, where we distributed thousands of palm cards highlighting our LGBTQ-specific platform, cutting across issues from healthcare to housing to harassment by the police, demanding equality for all. The crowd – upwards of 100,000 onlookers – was visibly excited to see someone who has been active in the fight for equality for many years, and is committed to continuing that fight. Read More....

Download the special Pride palm card!

For Pride: Supporting Our LGBTQ Community

Eugene is a long-time supporter of LGBTQ rights and equality, and proudly marches at Pride every year. D.C. for the People stands for equal rights and equal access:

  • Equal Rights to Health Care
  • Support Our LGBTQ Youth
  • No to Police Harassment/Misconduct
  • Equal Access to Housing

Learn more about Eugene's positions on LGBT issues from his responses to the GLAA candidate's questionnaire, and read more about his dedication to affordable housing, job rights, sustainable development and more. And, of course, check out photos from Pride!

A New Voice for the D.C. Council

The Eugene Puryear for D.C. Council At-large campaign is proud and honored to have won the D.C. Statehood Green Party primary. The Puryear campaign garnered 67 percent of the vote, winning every single Ward, including 77 percent in Ward 1 and 73 percent in Ward 8. Through the course of the primary, the campaign gained important endorsements from the tenants-rights group TENAC and the American Federation of Municipal and State Employees (AFSCME) Local 2401. This is a broad, progressive campaign. We believe D.C. voters will welcome a new voice on the Council. Read the rest of this powerful statement!

New stadium deal: Skewed priorities favor the rich

In one of his last significant acts as mayor, Vincent Gray is attempting to saddle District residents with the tab for a $150 million giveaway to the super-rich owners of D.C. United to build a soccer stadium. In addition to the hard cash, the District will engage in a byzantine series of land swaps to complete the deal. Read more ...

Eugene's Statement on the FY 2015 D.C. Budget

D.C. Council Chairman Mendelson has orchestrated a budget for fiscal year 2015 that has once again demonstrated that corporate dominance of the D.C. Council is a given. While some of the tax relief was welcome, lifting some of the burden on middle-income residents was used as a smokescreen for a giveaway to the wealthy and an increase in regressive sales taxes. Read more ...

FMLN Celebration

On Sunday night, Eugene and D.C. for the People volunteers joined a celebration hosted by the FMLN to celebrate the victory of the party’s candidate, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, in El Salvador’s recent presidential election. Read more ...


Eugene and D.C. for the People volunteers spent Saturday afternoon hitting the streets to spread the word about the campaign. After an informative training session that included presentations by veteran campaign workers, the volunteers went out in pairs to knock on doors and talk to residents. Read more ...

Eugene's Statement on the Changed Fair Criminal Records Screening Act

The compromises set to be made to the Fair Criminal Records Screening Act of 2014 essentially gut the legislation. The Fair Criminal Records Screening Act, popularly known as the “Ban the Box” bill, was initially designed to alleviate the discriminatory burden in employment practices faced by those with criminal records. Read more ...

Meeting Folks All Over Town

Over the last week, Eugne and the D.C. for the People team have participated in the March Against Monsanto, visited Black LGBTQ Pride, took in the Fair Budget Coalition's community forum, participated in African Liberation Day actions and expanded our postering reach.

Budget Autonomy and the Fight for D.C. Statehood

On Monday, May 19, United States District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the District does not legally have the right to spend its own money without the approval of our Congressional overseers. As a native Washingtonian, Judge Sullivan recognized the “extraordinarily powerful” arguments in favor of the District having control of its own finances, but decided he was legally unable to allow such a move. Read more ...

March With #TeamEugene at Pride!

As anyone who's ever seen it knows, the annual Pride parade is one of the most fun and exciting event in D.C. As he has for years, Eugene will be marching to show support and solidarity to the District's LGBTQ community, but now he'll be leading his own contingent to tell the tens of thousands in attendance about D.C. for the People. Join the contingent and help us spread the word!

Meeting Supporters in Ward 4

On May 17, Eugene and D.C. for the People held a meet-and-greet at the home of the Statehood Green Party's other endorsed candidate, David Schwartzman. Read more and check out photos!

Congress Heights Clean-up

Check out photos from the campaign's work in joining the community to clean up Shepherd Parkway!

Painting D.C. Green and White

Volunteer supporters of Eugene and the D.C. for the People campaign have been all over the District lately, making sure that everybody gets a chance to see Eugene's name and see that there's a candidate in the Council race who stands for a D.C. for all! Check out these photos!

Eugene's Testimony for Public Housing in the FY2015 Budget

Having a roof over your head is one of the most crucial aspects of being able to live a safe, healthy, productive life. Our city is in what could be deemed an emergency regarding access to housing that is affordable for low- and even middle-income individuals and families. Our city needs to take a range of actions around affordable housing, but I wish to use my time here to focus in on one particular issue: public housing. Read more ...

Eugene's Testimony Against Proposed Plan to Develop McMillan Park

For the better part of a decade, I lived at 142 Michigan Ave. NE, literally right around the corner from the McMillan-Olmstead site. As such, I feel, viscerally, that the current proposed plan by VMP misses a major opportunity to maximize the use of our public spaces. It is important we view this development in the full context of its near surroundings. Read more ...

Congress Heights Day

The campaign for a New Voice on the D.C. Council made an appearance at Eugene's home neighborhood of Congress Heights. To celebrate the neighborhood's rich history, community groups, high school bands and cheerleaders, and more all marched from Covenant Baptist Church to a festival at Gateway Pavilion at St. Elizabeth's. Check out photos!

May Day 2014

Check out photos from the two events visited by Eugene and D.C. for the People!

White Paper: Energy and Sustainability

Your actions reflect your values. How we design our city and produce our energy, and the priority we put on providing heat and light as a right to D.C. residents, all impact heavily on how what our city, and quite frankly our planet will look like decades on. There are a range of things we can do to make the District more sustainable and significantly improve quality of life for our residents. Here are a few ideas that can help move us towards that goal. Read more ...

Eugene Endorsed by AFSCME Local 2401

Last week, the D.C. for the People campaign was pleased to receive very exciting news - AFSCME Local 2401, which represents 1,600 D.C. government service workers, announced that it was endorsing Eugene Puryear for D.C. Council At-large in the 2014 election! Read more ...

Eugene Endorsed by TENAC

On March 14, Eugene was among the at-large Council candidates who participated in the forum sponsored by TENAC, the D.C. Tenants Advocacy Coalition. In front of a packed house of tenants and advoates, the D.C. for the People message and its emphasis on housing access and affordability—freezing rents, building more affordable units, changing metrics and treating housing as a human right—clearly resonated. Read more ...

White Paper: A Job Is a Right!

Fighting for equality requires, first and foremost, a commitment to allowing all people to have decent work at living wages, period. The D.C. Council should commit right away to full employment. Read more about Eugene's plan for employment, wages and job accessibility!

Eugene at the Woman's National Democratic Club Forum

On March 12, the Woman's National Democratic Club graciously invited D.C. Statehood Green candidates to take part in its candidates' forum, and Eugene was happy to join in the discussion during the portion for at-large Council candidates. Check out this video of Eugene in action!

White Paper: Make Housing Affordable

Freeze Rents, Build Affordable Housing, Enact a Moratorium on Foreclosures

The rising cost of housing in D.C. is turning formerly poor neighborhoods into playgrounds for the rich. Gentrification has resulted in a median rent of more than $1,400! With tens of thousands on waiting lists for affordable housing, even those with decent work are being squeezed by the thirst for profits among developers and rental companies. Housing is a right, and every D.C. resident should have access to it at a price affordable to them.

Read more ...

Eugene's Responses to the D.C. for Democracy Questionnaire

Ahead of his epic performance during the D.C. for Democracy candidates' forum at the Historic 6th & I Synagogue, Eugene submitted these responses to their questionnaire. Read more ...

Testifying on the Rights of Returning Citizens

Eugene testified in front of the Council's Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, chaired by CM Tommy Wells. He spoke on the importance of Ban the Box and other measures related to Bill 20-642, the Fair Criminal Record Screen Act of 2014. Read more ...